We take care of materialize your intangible dream in to reality.

We will take you by hand to live a 360º experience, through a planning, coordination, logistics and a meticulous design. Taking care of every detail to create a cohesive event from the beginning in to an end.

Where you will only have to worry about enjoying the best event of your life!


They love us.

My experience of working with Paulina Talamantes & Moments was an absolute delight! It is clear that Pau is passionate about her industry and this is evident in the entire experience that Moments provides. Thank you Pau I for making this special night a success and I look forward to working with you to create more fantastic events in the future. Birthday Celebration. January 2020

Kristina Rojas

I highly recommend Paulina. All her knowledge and expertise is shown in every single detail of her services. Great costumer service.

Eduardo Von Borstel

....Working with Paulina is peace of mind! She’s such a committed professional and resourceful that every phase of any project for sure will be a great success! Additionally I enjoyed working with her, she’s very strict, but with great attitude and always with a smile on her face!!

Jorge Alva